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Bulk Helium Filling

Your helium supplier got you down?

Let Prime Helium lift you up!

At Prime Helium, we offer wholesale pricing to bulk customers who deliver their tanks to our location. Whether your current supplier cut you off, is taking too long, or you're looking for a new one, we've got you covered with our bulk helium filling service.


To begin the process, deliver your empty tanks to our location, we'll fill them overnight, and they'll be ready for you in the morning! For your convenience, we also offer a same-day fill service for a 20% fee. It only takes 1,000 cubic feet to meet our minimum, after that it's a flat price no matter the volume you bring or the configuration of your tanks. As long as they're accessible by hand or forklift and have a CGA580 valve, we can fill them. Call to order, all orders are C.O.D., pay online, or have cash/check ready at pickup.

Drop & Fill

Bring your empty helium cylinders and our technician will fill them overnight so that they’re ready for you in the morning! Our “Drop & Fill” program includes:

  • +20% fee for same day fill service.

  • Flat pricing not based on volume or quantity

  • No contracts



Below you’ll find a list of requirements for us to fulfill our bulk helium filling service. 

  • 1,000 cu.ft. minimum for wholesale pricing

  • We service only CGA580 Valves

  • C.O.D. Pay online or at time of pickup

  • Tanks must be accessible by hand or forklift

  • Customer must own the tanks

  • Tanks must be in test

Contact Us

Allow us to take the burden of constantly refilling your helium cylinder off your shoulders. With our bulk helium filling service, it’s easier and more convenient than ever before for those local to Houston Texas, to fill their helium tank or request a helium gas cylinder refill. Don’t wait until it’s too late! To inquire, contact us today!


To order, or for pricing information and questions, call us at

Our Location


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