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Monthly Helium Tank Rental Service

At Prime Helium, we offer helium tank rentals on a monthly basis to accommodate your needs. Whether you’re involved with marketing, scientific research, or event planning, our monthly helium tank rental service is for you.


How it works

If you use our monthly rental service, our driver will travel to your exact location and begin our helium tank delivery services by setting up a helium tank and balloon regulator at the site of your location. The rental cost for our monthly helium tank rental service is $15 per month. When the tank is empty, email or call us and we'll exchange it for a full tank for a price of $475 plus a $25 delivery charge.

Impeccable Service

Prime Helium is the fastest helium tank rental delivery service in Texas. We’re there for you when you need us and can usually accommodate your needs within as little as 24 hours with helium tank next-day delivery. However, we usually deliver to customers within 3 days after they order but no longer than a week. Part of the service Prime Helium offers is that we will check for leaks on your regulator every time you order and switch it out for a new one if there's any problems with it.

Rental Agreement

Customers must order at least once every quarter for us to remain of service to them. Additionally, their customer account must be current in order for new tanks to be sent. Prime Helium reserves the right to cancel service and pickup equipment if conditions are not met.

Fill out the form below for a quick response. You can also email us or call us to inquire about our monthly helium tank rental service. If you email us, please include your company name, location, and what you'll be using the helium tank for.

Quote Form

Please fill out the form below to see if we can help you.

Thank you for sending us your information, we'll respond to you within 48 hours.

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