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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I inhale Helium to make my voice sound funny?

NO. DO NOT INHALE HELIUM. Although helium is non-toxic it can still act as an asphyxiant if inhaled by displacing the oxygen in your lungs. Your brain cannot receive oxygen if your lungs are filled with helium.

How long do balloons float?

The float time for balloons vary greatly depending on balloon size, quality of balloon and environment temperature. Generally the bigger the balloon the longer it will float. Balloons 9" - 17" will last approximately 6-10 hours, while 36" or 5 foot balloons can last days. Mylar balloons float the longest at a couple weeks, this is due to their foil material making it very hard for helium to escape.

Do I get refunded for the helium I did not use?

No, but if you purchase a Customer Owned Tank through our sister company Helium 2 Rent, you don't have to worry about returning it before you use it fully. Which allows you to keep the unused helium for your next event!

Do helium tanks explode?

No, helium is non-flammable. Even in the event of a fire, the safety mechanism in a cylinder valve will release the built up pressure before any possibility of danger.

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