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Helium Tank Event Rental Service


If you have an upcoming event you're planning on using a lot of helium for, whether it's balloons or blimps, our helium tank rental service is the best choice for you! For $575 per tank and $25 delivery, we'll deliver a large helium tank, balloon regulator, and safety stand to your location. Our experienced driver will set it up, demonstrate how to use it, and answer any questions you may have. After your event is over, our driver will drive back to your location and pick up the tank for your convenience. The rental period is for up to 5 days.

Our helium tanks contain 220 cubic feet of helium and a purity of 98%. It can fill 700 of the 9" size balloons or 300 of the 12" size. That's a lot of helium! When considering our helium tank rental service, please be detailed when filling out the following forms to ensure your delivery and pickup goes smoothly.

*Equipment may vary due to availability but functions will remain the same across all equipment.

While we want you to have fun at your event, we also want you to be safe. Luckily, helium is an inert, non-flammable, non-toxic gas. Meaning, there is no risk or danger of the tank exploding, whether you have a large helium tank rental or a small helium tank rental. In the event of a fire, the safety pressure release valve will activate and begin rapidly expelling helium before any danger of bursting. The only danger involved with helium tanks is if you inhale it, release it into your body, or the tank falls. Tanks can be left outdoors or sit inside but should not be left in an airtight enclosed area (especially without supervision).

At Prime Helium, we proudly serve Houston, TX, and surrounding areas with the best helium tank rental service Texas has to offer. To inquire about how we can be of service to you for your next event, contact us today!

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