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Large Tank Event Rental

If you're planning to fill a lot of helium balloons for an event, this is the choice for you. For $350 per tank and $25 delivery we'll deliver a Large Helium Tank, Balloon Regulator, and Safety Stand, to your location. Our driver will set it up and show you how to use it. The rental period is for up to 5 days.

Our Large Helium Tank contains 219 cubic feet of helium and a purity of 99.5%. It can fill 700 of the 9" size balloons or 300 of the 12" size. That's a lot of Helium!

If you think you only need 1 Tank, simply click on the Rent Button below to go through the order process and pay. We'll send you a confirmation e-mail and even call you on the day of the delivery to verify delivery details.

If you think you may need multiple tanks for your event, fill out the quote form below so we can help you figure out what fits best for you.

Multiple Tank Event Rental

For 2 or more tanks

$350 per tank + $25 Delivery

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