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Prime Helium

Welcome to Prime Helium! We are a helium tank supplier delivering helium tanks throughout the Houston area. Whether you're using helium for your business or having a large event,

our service is your solution.

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Our Services
Helium Tank Event Rental

Rent helium tanks in Houston, TX, for your next event! For $575 per tank + $25 delivery, we'll deliver a large helium tank with a balloon regulator to the location of your event and pick it up after your event is over.

Monthly Helium Tank Rental

For $15/month, we'll set up a large helium tank and regulator at your location as part of our helium tank rental in Houston. When it's empty, we exchange it with a new one for $475 + $25 delivery.

Small Helium Tanks

Looking for smaller tanks that you can rent, buy, or refill? Helium 2 Rent is our sister company and offers lightweight helium tanks around Texas. Go to their website to learn more.

Helium Networking

If our services don't fit your needs, we can put you in contact with someone who can. Our many years in the helium industry has connected us with countless individuals and companies which encompass all aspects of the industry. Let us help you find what you need!

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Helium Tank Supplier

We are a premier helium tank supplier providing you with all your helium needs.

Contact us today to inquire!

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