Having a Hard-time Finding Helium? Here's why!

 If you haven't heard yet, you will soon. Helium has been scarce lately due to a fundamental lack of supply. Helium is actually a natural and finite resource. Contrary to popular belief helium is not manufactured and limited in refinement and production.

Over 80% percent of helium goes to commercial use. Leaving only 20% of helium available for other uses. This has left the many party stores and other suppliers of helium to the general public to dramatically scale back their use helium based inflatables. Such a helium shortage has driven prices of helium sky-high compared to recent years. Often leaving many to find alternative ways to attract attention to their business. 

Despite the recent shortage, Prime Helium remains committed to supplying our customers with the best prices on helium. Contact us at info@primehelium.com to request a quote!

Prime Helium 03-Jun-2013 1 Comments
Rosa commented on 17-Aug-2016 12:48 PM5 out of 5 stars
Yes the information you have provided was very useful and it's good to know there's availability through a reliable source. I will seriously consider your business for a personal upcoming event.
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