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Take Advantage of our Helium Delivery Service!

Need helium for the balloons at your next event or momentous occasion? Want to make memories for that special someones big birthday bash? We can help add that 'WOW' factor with Houston's only door-to-door helium delivery service. Delivery and setup is at your convenience! You can even request delivery date and times, and we'll even deliver on weekends at no extra charge!

Here's What Comes with our Helium Delivery Service:

    1. Three different size helium tanks to choose from ready to fit your needs
    2. Decorative tank cover
    3. Helium tank-stand for safety
    4. Dual balloon regulator capable of filling Latex or Mylar (foil) balloons

The Advantages of Helium Delivery:

Save time! – No need to worry about making several trips between a party store and your event.

No transportation worries! – No need to try and stuff several hundred balloons in your vehicle.

Fill  balloons at your leisure! – Don't worry about picking up balloons to early and hoping they last until the event begins. You know your time frame and can fill up accordingly

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